How to Sell

1. What you can sell

You can sell a variety of gaming and gaming related items and services (a.k.a. gigs) on Keen Wallet. Whatever our gaming community enjoys, you can sell them here, except for any unlawful & prohibited items or gigs of course.
Here are the popular categories you can sell:

  • Game Cards, Game Money Vouchers, Mobile Top-ups, Gift Cards

2. Create a new account
Selling an item on KEEN Wallet requires an account to accept buyer payment on your behalf.
Register for a KEEN Wallet account is quick and free. So when you're ready, simply click the Sign Up button below or in the top right corner of the header to get started.

3. List your item
Once logged into your account, click the Sell button in the header, or go to the Listings section of your account.
Follow the on screen options to choose the type of item that you want to list, category, description, and price. You must describe your product accurately and as detail as possible for a smooth transaction.
A reasonable price will sell faster, and we recommend that you compare your listing price with others to be competitive and sell faster.

4. Complete sales
You've now listed your item on KEEN Wallet marketplace, and you will be notified when your listing is sold. You can edit and re-list your item any time to increase your chance on a sale.
We will notify you by email and in-app once your item has been purchased and guide you through each step to complete the transaction.
We recommend that you also use our mobile  apps to check and be notified of your sale on the go.


5. Get Paid
Once the buyer has received your item and completes the transaction by rating, the sale proceeds are immediately deposited into your Wallet.
You can then withdraw your Cash from Sale Proceeds into your bank account or Payment Gateway at any time, or you can use your balance to purchase anything on KEEN Wallet.

How to Buy
1. Browse or search
You can browse or search KEEN Wallet marketplace using our menu or search options. We recommend using the Follow Search feature to alert you when a new listing matching your criteria is posted.
We have hundreds of new listings every day, so check frequently as good deals are sold quickly.


2.  Buy
Every listing should have clear information about the item, including the seller's information and feedback score for your review. You can request for more details from the seller about the item by commenting on the listing directly.
Once you found an item that you want to purchase, click the Buy button to checkout. Our KEEN Wallet Assurance ensures you get the item as described or your money back.

3. Checkout
In the checkout page, make sure all of the required information is supplied accurately and press Place Your Order.
If you have either a Cash Balance or Credits Balance, these will be deducted before charging the remainder of the purchase on your credit card or GST Point.


4. Receive Products
After you’ve completed your purchase, you can go to your Purchases section to view, track and communicate with the Seller regarding the status of the shipment or transfer of your item.

5. Complete transaction
Once you have received your item and verified that everything is working, you’ll need to locate the purchased listing and rate the Seller to complete the transaction.


How to Use
3. How to use Voucher Code?
First, add to cart the product you want to purchase.
Next click, View Cart.
At the View Cart Page, you can enter the voucher code you've gotten from influencers, Youtubers, blogs, our social media pages and etc.

Next Click Apply to apply the voucher code. 

Note: Voucher codes are product specific discounts voucher codes. 

4. How to Place an Order?
Here's the step-by-step guide for placing an order:
1. Click Sign In on the navigation. If you don't have an account yet, download KEEN Wallet and click Register. You can sign up using your email address, Facebook account, Google account, etc.

2. To access KEEN Wallet account, please enter your email address and password.

3. Search for products from the GAME, CARD, Mobile Top-ups or you may search for your desired items by inserting keywords.

4. Adding Product to Shopping Cart.

a) Buy Game Card/CD-Key/Gift Card/Mobile Reload:
For example, proceed to the Razer Gold page, select the card type, enter the quantity and click Add to Cart button to add into your Shopping Cart. (You can also click Buy Now to proceed to the checkout page for payment)

b) Buy Game Currency
For example, proceed to the PUBG Mobile page, fill in your character name, enter the quantity to be purchased or you may choose the amount of money to purchase the in-game currency and insert a "Remarks" if any. Click Add to cart next to add into your Shopping Cart. (You can also click Buy Now to proceed to the checkout page for payment)

5. After you've done adding products to Shopping Cart, click "View Cart" to proceed to view all the products in the Shopping Cart.

6. Next, click Proceed to Checkout/Pay Now and the system will direct you to the  payment gateway.

7. To create an order, please select the payment method that you wish to use. If your account has Credits balance available, you can choose to pay with your  Credits Balance by entering your login password. Click Create Order/Pay Now after you've done choosing Payment Methods.

8. Your Payment Order Number and Order Details will be displayed once the order created successfully. Contact our Customer Service Officer via KEEN WALLET Live Chat to confirm your order once the payment is made.
1. Choosing Paypal, Skrill, Online Banking, Alipay and other online payments will direct you to the respective payment gateway's page to make payments after Pay now button is clicked.
2. For payments via a third party such as Internet Banking, ATM Transfer or Cash Deposit Machine, kindly note down our Bank Account and Account Holder's name. You may need this information when you're transferring the payment into our bank account. Refer to Payment Methods page for our bank accounts details. Once you've successful transfer the payment to us, kindly contact our Customer Service Officer to confirm your payment.

5. What is the delivery method?
All the products and services sold in KEEN WALLET are intangible goods. 
For digital game cards, the delivery is instant and the card pin will be delivered in digital code form via internal message or email.
For Escrowed items, the delivery may take up from instant to 3 days depending on communication with sellers

6. How to retrieve purchased digital codes?
KEEN Wallet delivers codes to customers account on My page / Email.
1. Go to My  page or Email.
2. Enter Password and you'll be able to see your purchased digital codes.

7. What is KEEN WALLET membership points?
KEEN WALLET members are able to accumulate points to reach a higher level of membership. The higher the membership level, the higher the discounts you can enjoy in KEEN WALLET.
Guidance on how to place an order by using KEEN WALLET credits
1. Check your credit balances before you place an order.
2.After you check the balance, you may place your order now.
***Note: Make sure your credit balance is equal to or more than the credits needed by the order item as shown above.
3. After click buy now and checkout, you will see this payment page. Kindly choose to pay by KEEN WALLET credit balance and key in your account login password to proceed the payment.
4. Thereafter, you will get your Payment Order Number, PXXXXXXX and the card code will be delivered instantly to your account under My Game Cards
Alternatively, you may contact our customer support Live Chat for assistance. 

8. What is the Cancellation Policy
KEEN WALLET allows cancellation of paid orders in situations below:

1. Unauthorized charged on your credit/card, Paypal, Skrill or any other payment methods provided order is not delivered.
2. Identity verification fails our verification checks for payment methods that require verification.
3. Unable to provide documents for first time buyer identity verification checks.
4. We are unable to fulfill an order due to the stocks for the purchased product is unavailable for a long period of time.
5. Customer request for an order cancellation for undelivered order.
To cancel an order or item, please contact our Customer Support LiveChat or email us.
If your order is cancelled, you will receive either email notice/SMS/call to confirm your order was cancelled. You will not be billed for any cancelled items. 
You can resubmit your order for the item(s) you want again. If you would like further assistance, you are welcome to contact at our email.

9. In case of Unpaid Order Cancellation
There is no need to cancel unpaid orders you've made. Unpaid orders automatically expired in 4 hours. No payment needed nor deducted from your member account balance. You will not be billed for unpaid orders. For more information, see Order Expiry.
You can resubmit your order for the item(s) you want again.
If you would like further assistance, you are welcome to contact our Customer Support via Email

10. Why does KEEN Wallet need documents for verification?
Many customers asked for the reasons KEEN Wallet is asking for documents for verification.

Below are some of the questions and answers:

1) Why do I need to provide documents for verification?
Answer: Online fraud/scam, credit card theft and unauthorized access to payment accounts such as Paypal and Skrill is common nowadays due users' lack of security sense. Documents is one effective way to identify and verify the payment is made by the user. This act as a protection for the user as well as KEEN WALLET.
2) When do I need to do verification?
Answer: We only require user to provide document for verification when your payment is flag by our fraud system.
3) What happened to the documents after I send it to KEEN Wallet?
Answer: KEEN Wallet employs strict rules internally on customers' documents handling and safe-keeping. All collected personal documents collected from customers will be saved in a local server in our office. This server is only accessible by authorized personnel locally. The document server connect to the internet.

4) How long do you keep my personal documents?
Answer: Documents collected will be kept for 1 month in a secure encrypted local server in our office. 

11. What is KEEN Wallet’s return policy?
All sales are final on KEEN Wallet and there are no refunds unless the item that is received is either not working or as described. If this is the case, you'll be covered by our KEEN Wallet Assurance.
Once a transaction has been completed, there are absolutely no returns or refunds. By completing the transaction, you are agreeing to accepting the item and finalizing the transaction. 
To avoid a dispute with a transaction, we advise Sellers to be as descriptive and detailed as possible when creating listings. We encourage Buyers to review the listing photos, description, Seller rating and item condition before purchase. If you have any questions about the listing, please ask the Seller for additional information.
Returns are subject to the following guidelines:

  • Once the item has been delivered and/or received, there are no returns.

Escrowed Products

  • Once the item has been delivered and/or received, there are no returns.
  • All items purchased are exactly as described, as the item cannot be misrepresented and is delivered in the exact same way that they are listed. Because of this, all delivered escrowed items do not fall under the KEEN Wallet Buyer Guarantee.

Fraudulent claims
Fraudulent claims may include:

  • A buyer filing a chargeback after receiving their purchased item
  • A buyer filing a chargeback after rating and completing the purchase

Buyers who file fraudulent claims are subject to consequences and in addition, we reserve the right to permanently suspend the buyer's account under the return policy.

Buyer can cancel the order when:

  • Immediately after placing the order.  If you change your mind or made a mistake, you can cancel the order within 1-2 minutes after placing the order.
  • Seller does not send/ship your item within “Seller sells in” promised day(s) + 12 hrs grace period. This situation does not apply for Auto Delivery or Bot Delivery. 

If you believe that the Seller still hasn't shipped the item out after marking it as "Shipped", you will have the option to dispute to halt the transaction, and our Support team can assist you with the cancellation. 
For physical item, please note that if the seller creates a Shipping Label, then the counter restarts, and you will have to wait an extra 1 day from this action. 

12. How to Redeem Points for GST?
If you have GST token, follow the steps to redeem your GST Point:

  • Register or sign into KEEN Wallet.com
  • Visit your Wallet, then select GST Wallet
  • Click on Convert GST Token into GST Point
  • Enter the amount and hit Claim GST Point

GST Point is used to buy/sell on KEEN Wallet. You can convert back GST Point into GST Token as well.
GST Stable coin, or simply GST, is the stable coin developed by Rankingball, our partner game developer, for securely and safely transacting digital goods. GST is powered by the Ethereum Plasma Sidechain network.
On KEEN Wallet, GST can be used for listing and purchasing items, make deposits and withdrawals. When buying using GST on KEEN, you will always be presented with the value of the item in GST, and for convenience, the equivalent in USD.

13. How to deposit GST to my KEEN Wallet wallet
To deposit GST stable coin to your KEEN Wallet, follow these steps:

  • Login to KEEN Wallet and go to deposit
  • Click on "Show Address" to obtain the Ethereum address for your KEEN Wallet account.  We recommend using the "Copy" button to copy the address to the clipboard to avoid typing mistakes.
  • Now go to your personal, ERC-20 compatible, wallet that holds your GST (e.g. MEW) and send your GST to the address shown.
  • Once the GST is sent from your personal wallet and received at least 10 confirmations, you will see GST available in your KEEN Wallet.  You can see the transaction as pending when there are only a handful of confirmations. 

How long it takes for GST to arrive at your KEEN Wallet GST wallet depends entirely on the gas price you use and the congestion (if any) within the Ethereum network at the time of the transaction.

14. How to withdraw GST from my KEEN Wallet
You can withdraw GST earned from your sale proceeds any time, subject to a small minimum amount. To withdraw GST from your KEEN Wallet GST wallet, you will need a personal ERC-20 compatible wallet, such as MyEtherWallet (MEW). There is a small fee (in GST) to withdraw from KEEN Wallet GST wallet to cover for the gas cost.  The fee is deducted from your withdrawal.

Caution: Do not send GST to exchanges or wallets that do not support ERC-20 tokens.  If you're unsure, please confirm before sending GST as sending to the wrong address may cause a permanent loss of GST.

Take the following steps:

  • Login to KEEN Wallet and go to GST Wallet > Withdraw
  • Enter your personal ERC-20 compatible wallet address and the amount you wish to withdraw.  You can inspect the fee and the amount you will receive on the right.
  • Click on "Withdraw Funds" to begin the transaction.  It takes a few minutes for our system to verify and submit the transaction to the Ethereum network.

15. How to open a dispute?
If the item delivered by the seller don't work as expected or don't match the description of the listing, we highly recommend you to contact the seller directly via KEEN Wallet by sending an email at [email protected]
If the seller is unable to resolve your issue in a timely manner, you can open a dispute by selecting the "I have not received the item, or the item I received does not work or not as advertised" option on the order screen.

After a dispute is opened, the 3-day countdown for auto-complete is stopped indefinitely until either you decide to complete the transaction or escalate the dispute to be reviewed and decided by our Support team.
When opening a dispute, please provide concrete evidence that the item received don't work as expected. Failure to provide evidence can cause the claim to be denied.

Required Evidence for In-Game Money/Items:

  • Fullscreen and uncropped screenshot of your account trade history from the time of the trade until the moment the dispute is opened;
  • If available, screenshot of any chat logs between you and the seller in-game;
  • If available, video of the transaction.

Required Evidence for Gift Cards:

  • Fullscreen and uncropped screenshot of your account activation history from the time of the trade until the moment the dispute is opened;
  • Fullscreen and uncropped screenshot of the error associated with the code activation attempt.

Required Evidence for Games (code):

  • Fullscreen and uncropped screenshot of your account activation history from the time of the trade until the moment the dispute is opened;
  • Fullscreen and uncropped screenshot of your account trade history from the time of the trade until the moment the dispute is opened;
  • Fullscreen and uncropped screenshot of the error associated with the code activation attempt;

With the full evidence, KEEN Wallet will cancel the order and issue the refund to the buyer.  The buyer or seller may face punitive action if KEEN Wallet finds either party purposely defraud each other.